About Us


Who We Are

Pertubuhan Amal Nasional is a non-profit organization, who dedicated to help maximum to the less fortune group such as old fork home, orphanage, OKU party, etc. We believe that people nowadays is aware of the importance of charity as well as the meaning behind of helping the less fortune group, but they do not know where is the right channel to provide the helpful resources. We go all out in spreading the charity awareness to the less fortune group and meanwhile recruiting all the volunteers to be part of our journey.


We believe charity is not one man show neither one-time task, it is consistance and dedication mission. Together we can contribute a better living environment and education to the less fortune group.


To make the less fortune groups have a better living environment, better education and contribute in the country development process.

Portrait of happy kids, smiling, outdoors


To generate resources through fundraising initiatives and community partnerships, and use those funds to make an impact for the less fortune group.

To attract volunteers and partners who are passionate about helping children to achieve their hopes, dreams and full potential.

We will transform communities through helping those who need support!